Searching for a few rare SX-70 Models

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Searching for a few rare SX-70 Models

Messagepar SX-70 Hall of Fame » ven. 23 août 2013 / 21:00 pm

Hi everybody,

as you can see in my introducion i'm collecting SX-70 Cameras to complete my collection. So there might be someone having one of them who would sell it...

I'm still looking for theese Cameras:

- SX-70 LAND CAMERA, very first model in silver whith brown skin and NO averaging indicator and NO distance-scale on the lens.

- SX-70 Alpha Executive (Black Camera with orange "Executive" Print on the front-door)

- SX-70 Alpha Gold Version with limitation-number

- SX-70 Alpha Gold Version with Mildred Scheel signature

- SX-70 Alpha 1 with black body and brown skin

- SX-70 Sonar Autofocus SE, black Camera whot blue button

- SX-70 Sonar One Step, chrome whit black skin

- SX-70 One Step "Limited Edition", Sonar-Camera with golden body and brown skin, with "Limited Edition"-Print

- SX-70 One Step SE, Silver Body, Black Skin and blue button

- SLR 680 SE, there are two SE (Special Edition) versions of the SLR 680 with blue button, I'm searching for both of them.

Hope anyone could help me!

Kindest regards


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SX-70 Sonar OneStep

Messagepar dstarr2112 » lun. 26 août 2013 / 20:28 pm

I have one up for sale on ebay. I ship Internationally also. ... 861wt_1362

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Messagepar Francis » sam. 09 novembre 2013 / 11:25 am

Check here on my website if anything you don't have

I do have on which is not on your list, but which I'm not selling.
It's a loaner. "SX-70 LOANER NO. 016" is engraved in the leather.
I got it from a person who was working at the SX-70 project in Polaroid in Cambridge in the early 70's. Before the SX-70 came out on the market, these cameras were given to the personal to test them out outside and gather experience and feed back from outside... a rarity !!!

how many SX-70 do you have?
any place to see them (blog or website)?

good luck
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