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NPC 195 Land camera-polaroid

Publié : jeu. 31 mai 2018 / 13:48 pm
par andymac
Hello Im Andrew, I live in South Africa.
I used to love shooting on Polaroid but unfortunately its too expensive now, so I am selling my NPC 195 Land camera
It is In very good condition and fully functional. The lens glass is clean, no scratches or fungus.
The Cable release and lens cap are not of the original. This camera is a collectors item now but also a very good quality camera for practical use.
I am asking 1400 USD. (they usually sell for around 2000 USD on eBay)
Please Private mail me if you are interested I will send pictures and get a shipping price if you want to buy.

Below is a description off (the page is unfortunately no longer active.)

When Polaroid discontinued the Professional series of Land Cameras after the original 195, there was a void in the market. Polaroid sought to fill this with the Mamiya Universal redux, the 600se. While highly customisable with removable lenses and film backs, the camera is quite large, heavy and awkward as a hand-held camera. While for the studio photographer the 600se was a fantastic upgrade, there was still the segment of the market that needed a lighter, more compact instant camera. Several other companies attempted to fill the void, Fuji with the Fotorama fp-1 and Konica with the Instant Press. With limited availability, they never really reached a critical mass to be recognised as an option for customers. One notable entrant into this segment was NPC (National Polaroid Corporation). They produced a series of hand milled, aluminium and stainless all manual folding camera directly inspired by the original Land Camera body. Elegant, and understated this durable camera was soon picked up by Polaroid and several versions were released under the Polaroid name as limited editions.

A standout feature of the NPC 195 is its rangefinder. With a the split Yellow and Blue overlay it makes focusing much easier than the original designs from the 1960’s and 70’s that Polaroid used.

With a fixed lens, the Leaf shutter lenses allowing flash sync up to 1/500 second and uses standard 3.25 x 4.25″ Fuji FP pack film.

This now classic camera has become a collectors item no doubt, But its high quality build and functionality make it just as usable as it ever was.

Weight 72 oz
Dimensions 9 x 6 x 5 in
Image Size 3.25 x 4.25"
Shutter Tominon leaf f/4.5 – f/32
Shutter Speeds 1s – 1/500 (B + T)
Lens Tomioka 114mm 1:4.5

see more on this camera at:“user-collectible”-npc-195-fuji-instant-film

Publié : jeu. 31 mai 2018 / 14:44 pm
par MikeNavy
?? Les deux liens datent de 2012, NPC c'est Newton Plastics Corporation.
Encore un fake ?

Publié : jeu. 31 mai 2018 / 17:45 pm
par andymac
The Links are old yes its a vintage camera, NPC made polaroid backs for Hasselblad ,Mamiya, many 4x5 cameras, in fact all of the well known medium format camera manufacturers as well as polaroid attachments for Nikon. They also made this camera the NPC 195 Land camera which was well known as being superior to the Polaroid brand camera's.
This is not a fake.
Do some research.

Publié : jeu. 31 mai 2018 / 17:58 pm
par andymac
NPC stands for National Polaroid Corporation. Read the description I have supplied and check the facts there is enough information on this camera on the net. It is constructed out of Milled Aluminium not Plastic

Publié : ven. 01 juin 2018 / 11:47 am
par MikeNavy

It's a bit strange to see someone who wants to sell a camera to give links to a camera he doesn't own and not to give photos of links regarding the camera he actually owns and wants to sell...

Concerning NPC, I am sorry but "Polaroid Corporation" was the name of Dr Land's Company and, while it existed, no other company had the name "Polaroid Corporation" as part of its name. And no "National Polaroid Corporation" has ever existed.

As I wrote, NPC stands for "Newton Plastics Corporation", established in Newton, Massachusets. You can check it here:
This company has ceased its activities as an independent one in the years 200x, and his now part of Fischer Scientific.
Its Photo Division is famous for its camera for microscope (using Marty Forscher's patents regarding the use of optic fibers guides to bring the image from the microscope to the camera), its tripod head, and finally for its Polaroid backs for various film formats and cameras. For this last point, it was licensed by Polaroid and had the right to put the brand Polaroid on its backs (and this explains why Polaroid is seen on the NPC 195 camera: the back is branded Polaroid, not the full camera!).

Concerning NPC 195 camera, it is a nice one, a lighter replica of Polaroid 195, using the same lens. However, like many other ones, including the famous Konica Instant Press or the Fujifilm FP-1 Professional, it suffers from a mortal problem: instant film for this camera is no longer manufactured. The last manufacturer, Fujifilm, stopped the manufacturing of FP-3000 in 2014, and the FP-100 in 2016. Of course, you can still find old (mostly expired) films on eBay, at very high cost, but the quality of these films will degrade with time and, in a few years, NPC 195 camera will be no more than a collectible item, no longer usable.

Yes, it's time to sell this kind of camera!

Finally, don't forget that this forum doesn't give any caution or warranty to the sales done between its members, and that, generally, sales are done here between people knowing themselves personally. And you don't offer any warranty, you don't even show what you have to sell...

As far I am concerned, I would never buy anything worth 1400 USD without the kind of warranty given by, for example, eBay and PayPal.


Publié : ven. 01 juin 2018 / 13:06 pm
par andymac
I have provided links so that interested people easily access more information about the camera I am selling. If you read my initial post you will see that I have stated that I will send photos of the actual camera to anyone interested. As far as I can see one cannot attach photos here, I am not a dealer thus do not have a platform to load to web.

You are correct on the manufacturer -Newton Plastics- the information I had is incorrect.

The camera that I am selling is was made before NPC started branding the NPC 195 with the Polaroid brand name, that happened later.

I am aware of what this forum allows and does not allow in terms of warranty. The fact is that to sell an item on eBay with a value of anything over a few hundred USD one has to have have a sales record with eBay, as I stated Im not a dealer neither do I have many items to sell.

I am a photographer trying to sell a camera that I can no longer afford to keep and I do not appreciate your trying to undermine my legitimacy.

Publié : ven. 01 juin 2018 / 13:15 pm
par MikeNavy
andymac a écrit :If you read my initial post you will see that I have stated that I will send photos of the actual camera to anyone interested. As far as I can see one cannot attach photos here, I am not a dealer thus do not have a platform to load to web

At this stage, to send his own private email address may be considered as unacceptable by a lot of people.
This forum, as most of forums, doesn't allow to host pictures. However you can host pictures on external sites such as noelshack or flickr and put links in your message.

andymac a écrit :I am a photographer trying to sell a camera that I can no longer afford to keep and I do not appreciate your trying to undermine my legitimacy.

I just want to say that, wanting to sell from South Africa to France a 1400 USD camera to people who don't know you without offering the warranty that could offer an auction website is... a challenge?

Publié : ven. 01 juin 2018 / 14:41 pm
par andymac
How would posting on flikr be any more legitimate than me sending pictures by email?

Anyone interested in buying this camera will in all likelihood already know roughly what they sell for, and will realise that 1400 USD is significantly less than what they would pay elsewhere. Yes its a challenge but less of a challenge than selling in South Africa.
I have contracts who regularly travel to the US and Europe there is a reasonable chance that a meeting could be arranged.