Collection of antique / old cameras - no Idea of worthy

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Collection of antique / old cameras - no Idea of worthy

Messagepar cwall333 » mer. 01 mars 2017 / 02:00 am


I want to offload a bunch of old polaroid and other Cameras and focus on my stamps / coins.

If anyone can give me some hints on how to find out what the value of these are, please do.

Let me know if there is any important info missing in my list also, thanks.

p.s all but one should be in working order.


please respond to cwall three three three at my gmail account.



Polaroid, Daisey & 35 mm Cameras
Brand Moldel Info
Polaroid 210 Land Camera Automaitc 21 (antique) in case with Flash
Polariod 600 Business Edition

Olympus Zoom AF Infinity fanny pouch with manual
Zoom 230 35-80 mm

Imperial Mark 27 Color / B&W battery leads corroded Antique
Diana No. 151 120 film antique with the box & booklet
Kodak disk 3100 in pouch
Minolta Freedom 38 - 105 mmAF
Super Action
Zoom Date

Minolta XG-A Leather Black Case
Sony Digital Mavica 14x Optical Zoom MPEG Movie MVC-FD91 in pouch
Minolta lens XG-M 55 mm lens
Minolta lens X-700 50 mm lens- MPS with strap
Vivitar Flash Auto Thyristor 225
Vivitar lens SMS 52 mm MC Telephoto lens 135 mm
Minolta Lens MD ROKKOR-X 28 mm lens
Sunpak Flash Auto 266 D Thyristor
Extra black leather lens case
Quantaray 60 – 200 mm lens multi coated lens in soft black leather pouch
Vivitar 2800 Flash in box with booklets
Gossen Pilot Exposure Meter in box with booklets (antique)
Zoom AF

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