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Defected films or camera problem?

Publié : ven. 09 avril 2021 / 09:46 am
par mic

I recently get pictures with small "explosions" of light at the bottom. At first I thought I let the sun hit the film, but they became a constant in any light conditions, plus vertical lines appeared in the pictures. I attached two samples.
I've read down here that it could be due to defected films, but I cannot trace it back to a single package...
Should I check/clean the camera? Any experience?

Thanks and a nice day


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Publié : ven. 09 avril 2021 / 14:07 pm
par facono
Hi Mic,
The blue streaks that ignite the bottom of the frame in your photos is clearly a defect in the film. This is unfortunately common. I don't use these films, wait for the advice of friends who know this type of colour emulsion.


Publié : ven. 09 avril 2021 / 15:31 pm
par scaf

I agree with facono : these are known as blue marks and are "detailed" here : ... hoto-issue
The problem comes from the film and was introduced with the early version of the "Color V2" film.

It should be OK, now. Were your films old ?

Here is an example with a 2018 film : ... 610_01.jpg
And another one with the "beta 19" new formula of 2019 : ... ion_01.jpg

Some recent films with old formula way be still sold.

Publié : sam. 10 avril 2021 / 16:31 pm
par mic
Thank you both facono and scaf. I checked the rollers, as this was suggested in the page scaf linked, but they look pretty fine. I bought the films last year, but who knows how old they were, I didn't check.
Now I have a new box from 2020 and ready to go. Let's see. Just in case I could buy a frog tongue ... r-cameras/

Have a nice day


Publié : sam. 10 avril 2021 / 16:45 pm
par facono
A good day to you too and a great rainy weekend!
Now go straight to the gallery.


Publié : dim. 11 avril 2021 / 00:52 am
par scaf
A frog tongue is a good idea.
Buy it from Polaroid, it is cheaper : ... ng-cameras ... pe-cameras .
Choose the one that suits your camera.