Polaroid Miniportrait 402

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Polaroid Miniportrait 402

Messagepar Chabowski » mar. 08 avril 2014 / 08:05 am

Hi @ all

I just bought a Polaroid Miniportrait 402
http://www.vintagesouq.com/userfiles/PO ... CAMERA.JPG
My problem is all pictures I take turn out completly black.
My first thought was not enough light.
But if you put the filmback off you can clearly see how the lenses are opening if you use the shutter.
I tried taking pictures inside with flash. I also tried taking pictures outside with and without flash. I also used the bulk mode with sunshine I thought at least the pictures should've turned out white. But also everything black...
Does somebody have an idea what the problems is?
It's sad to waste the good Fuji FP3000 films....

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Messagepar Meaulne » mar. 08 avril 2014 / 08:44 am

Perhaps shall I say something stupide, but did you remove the dark-slide away from filmback before shoot
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Messagepar Chabowski » mar. 08 avril 2014 / 09:01 am

Well, f*** me. Is this the metal plate on the filmback?! I f***ing knew this couldnt be right but I didn't found a way to remove it...

I just remember a green tap at the filmback. I just have to pull on this right?
I'm so stupid! Thank you so much! polahehe

I'm at work now and have to wait until I get home. But I realy think this could be the problem.

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Messagepar xya » mar. 08 avril 2014 / 12:13 pm

Chabowski a écrit :...I just remember a green tap at the filmback. I just have to pull on this right?...

that's it, pull it straight out and don't forget to put it back if you swap backs. :)
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