Polaroid Laminex ID camera

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Polaroid Laminex ID camera

Messagepar kodaker » mer. 17 octobre 2012 / 03:34 am

I have recently acquired a 6 lens ID camera with Polaroid back. It works fine, but of course I didn't get any instructions. Most everything is easy to figure out except what distance I should be from the subject when taking a picture. I have only tried it with B/W film and of course the f stop for it is so small it gets everything in focus, but I would like to use color film and so I need to know the recommended distance camera to subject.

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Messagepar Lemim » mar. 30 octobre 2012 / 15:51 pm

Hello Fred and welcome on Polaroid Passion :super:

This is a particular device so I didn't have the manual and I have no information :(

There does not a measuring tape below the camera?
Do not laugh, this is how we evaluate the distance with Polaroid Camera ID :)

If not for the color film, if it is the same sensitivity as the B/W film this will not be a problem, or you have an ISO indication on the camera?


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