help with Polaroid 800 mechanical shutter

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help with Polaroid 800 mechanical shutter

Messagepar jtblatty » jeu. 14 décembre 2017 / 22:37 pm

Hello out there!

Joined this forum in slight desperation. I recently decided to break out my grandfather's old Polaroid 800 from storage. On inspecting it I found that the shutter isn't opening. On checking further, it appears that a spring is loosely floating within the shutter assembly, and this tiny little plate.

I've been searching high and dry for some type of photo or diagram or a repair manual that shows what the inside of this shutter assembly should look like. Or even what the 150 or 95A/B should look like, as they are similar, both with mechanical shutters. The only information I can find online is in reference to electric/battery operated shutters and models.

With that said, would anyone else here happen to have an 800 that could share a photograph of what the shutter assembly should look with all of it's parts in place? Happy to post a picture as well. Actually, I just tried and I get an error message about a photo quota?

Anyways, I realize most say just go by another 800 because they can be found relatively cheap, but this is more of a sentimental thing for me to use this specific camera.

Any help appreciated!

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