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Polaroid 95

Publié : sam. 18 août 2012 / 19:42 pm
par 3rdTrick
I just picked up a Polaroid 95. Not the A or B. I be live this is the absolute first model of Polaroid. It is in excellent condition excerpt the bellows is misfolded. Is there any way to fix the folds? I know there is no film for it but I would like to have it on my shelf. The price was right,, $7 US...

Publié : dim. 19 août 2012 / 08:40 am
par xya
the right old folds should still be visible. if you open the bellows nearly completely and then the back of the camera, you can try to fold them in the right way with the aid of your fingers, one hand from the inside, the other from the outside, one fold after the other, beginning at the body and going towards the lens board by slowly closing the camera. let it rest for some days and it should be fine.