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Newbie. Polaroid Autofocus Sonar 5000

Publié : mar. 29 janvier 2019 / 01:56 am
par Nomadic Nicolo
Hello Everyone,

im new with Polaroid Camera, mine was the Polaroid Autofocus Sonar 5000. Well, i fell inlove the way the camera develops its film and captured one of a kind pictures. I have high hopes with this website to know more about “Polaroid world” and to learn more about techniques and Tips on how to be a better polaroid photographer.

Lastly, i want to give thanks to the admin for accepting me in this website. Kudos to all..

Nomadic Nicolo, from Philippines

Publié : mar. 29 janvier 2019 / 11:07 am
par Tincho

Publié : mar. 29 janvier 2019 / 16:03 pm
par Nomadic Nicolo
Thank you tincho for tge warm welcome..