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iris pseudacorus
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Hello (to whom it may concern)

Messagepar iris pseudacorus » mer. 24 février 2016 / 08:06 am

My name is Ivan. I have been in love with instant film for a while now. I have used this website for help and reference for the past 2 years but finally decided to make a profile here. I have been coping with depression for the past 5 years or so, and social anxiety for about 3 years now, both arose from severe ADD. I find I have some sort of primal urge to express myself or have a connection with others, to leave my imprint on the world even if it is in something as vast and diverse as the internet. Millions upon millions of pictures arise daily and mine will only be seen by a few; but somewhere in the web of information, in the ocean of data, within the mountains of code, I will be there when I'm gone. The only memories of me, and proof that I existed, that will last the longest. I tend to be disconnected, a hermit. I have no friends, I speak to nearly no one, and my social anxiety has gotten to the point where I can't even communicate with family (I would seek help if I could afford it) and so I tend to function within anonymity. However, this website is quite friendly and I like the community so I will attempt to be an open book. Who knows, this might even be therapeutic, I know taking pictures is.

I have been enamored recently with the Polaroid Pathfinder 120. I started off with your typical land cameras and later moved to integral film but, like all newbies, I eventually hungered for more professional looking pictures. Ones with a richer story and fuller effect. Pictures with which I could truly express myself and potentially manipulate. So, I decided to go with a manual camera but they were all very expensive, even the conversions. At that point I decided to make a conversion of my own, successfully so, might I add. Packfilm wasn't enough, however, and sadly (very sadly) it has been discontinued and is rising in price. I fear that fuji FP-100C film will go the way of other films and cost an outrageous price for a 10 pack. I also love shooting integral film, both instax and Impossible, as well as 120. So, I have decided to make another conversion, this time a 600se conversion with the 110 model. Because of this, I have also began making an holder for 600 film out of an old LMS camera. I can't find any help on any forum about making your own cb-70 type film holder so I'm making my own and when its finished, I will gladly help anyone who wants to do the same on a budget. If you have any help to offer, I would very much appreciate it! I will do my best to upload pictures as frequently as possible.


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Messagepar gregoireklein » mer. 24 février 2016 / 08:52 am

Hi !
Welcome to you and I hope we can help you
polaroid forever

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Messagepar Xpired » ven. 25 mars 2016 / 17:46 pm

Hi and welcome Iris - I am looking forward to your 120 to CB70 merger.
On Instragram are several great Polaroid modders - the one I am thinking of goes by the name of Swardo1. Check his profile maybe its of help?

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