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house by the river

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- Le Dicoroïd de tripleZone

house by the river

Triplezone - Vendredi 20 Octobre 2017 à 07h 55m 21s
Merci beaucoup pour le cdcdj!
@ Mr. Sound (you can not translate it, indeed): http://www.redensarten.net/ueber-die-wupper-gehen/
@ Charles: I also like the greys of this film and it's a pitty that the 672 is so rare and barely to find.
@ Jean Jacques: Merci.
Jj_reypol - Vendredi 20 Octobre 2017 à 00h 51m 12s
Many thanks for the explanations Jürgen, and congratulations for this beautiful pic of the day !
Charles p. - Jeudi 19 Octobre 2017 à 22h 19m 20s
Très très beaux noirs et blanc et gris comme je les aime. Superbe Master Jürgen.
Soundsoundso - Jeudi 19 Octobre 2017 à 19h 06m 42s
zum über-die-wupper-gehen schön! (sorry, untranslatable.)
Triplezone - Jeudi 19 Octobre 2017 à 16h 56m 51s
@ Jean Jacques: Merci beaucoup! I bought four films of Polaroid 672 in the US last year, and this photo is from the first pack I used in November 2016. The film works quite well, I also shot two photos on another pack in Maizières this April. I like the tones and the contrasts of this 400 iso film that I have exposed at iso 400. The film also provides low contrast negatives, similar to these of the 667, fragile supervisory images of remaining developement chemistry, not slides. But you can scan them and make prints from them with a touch of early ancient photography. Maybe I'll post one.

@ Hervé: Merci pour votre commentaire et vos associés.- Tales Of Mystery And Imagination, yes, but the object is still standing nearby the river Wupper in an old industrial region that in the 19th century was well known for its cloth industry. Please let me add another inspiration: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y4K6j0m2mxE
Jj_reypol - Jeudi 19 Octobre 2017 à 09h 22m 20s
Great B&W; I didn't use 672; It seems to be a very beautiful BW instant film !
Consommable - Jeudi 19 Octobre 2017 à 07h 53m 51s
The Usher home by the river.

Poe et Genesis pour l'inspiration du commentaire.
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Infos sur ce Polaroid® de tripleZone
Titre :
house by the river
Description :
672 exp. 06/2005, shot 11/2016.
Type de film :
Polaroid® 672
Appareil Photo :
Polaroid® 190
Vue :
1282 fois
Date d'ajout :
© tripleZone

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