SX-70 frog tongue issue

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SX-70 frog tongue issue

Postby polaroidfan » Sat 02 March 2019 / 21:04 pm


I have Polaroid SX-70 Land Camera 1st edition.
I bought a brand new Polaroid Originals frog tongue for it. When I install it it works well after first shoot.After that from time to time the photo comes out above the tongue. In order to get it work I have to open the camera and pull up the tong each time.

Does anybody has the same problem and some solutions?

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Postby scaf » Sun 03 March 2019 / 08:19 am

As many of us, I had the same problem; furthermore it rapidly broke, i had to repair it several times with duct tape.

I don't use it anymore.
New PO films needn't any frog tongue anymore.

When there is too much light, I use the darkslide as a shield before shooting a photo.
See on this video :
'Faut bien secouer l'pola sinon l'image, elle reste en bas

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Postby polaroidfan » Mon 04 March 2019 / 20:33 pm

Hi, thank you for your prompt answer, but I don't thing that we don't need a frog tongue anymore!! There is no official information regarding this.
When I take a picture w/out frog tongue the picture becomes too bright....
Due to the solution with dark-slide from the video, I don't like similar solutions.Each time I have to open and put it there.....
I also temporary solved the problem with duct tape.

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