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Messagepar cschwa17 » lun. 07 avril 2014 / 19:56 pm

I wanted to know if anyone knows the market value on a Konica Instant Press camera. I want to purchase one of these but have no idea what the right price is. Thanks in advance for any help. Any advice is appreciated.

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Messagepar xya » lun. 07 avril 2014 / 22:35 pm

I have seen two during the last year, one sold for 700€ and the other some 900€ if I rember well.
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Messagepar Instant Passionist » dim. 25 mai 2014 / 06:56 am

Yeah, he is right. This camera is very rare and very good. I think one of the most rare instant cameras on the market. If it is in good working condition you should get much more than 300 US dollars for it. I was looking for this camera a long time ago. I saw this camera only two times on ebay. Very professional camera with complete manual control and flash connector. Lucky guy......
Kind regards from Hamburg (Germany).

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