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Publié : lun. 08 septembre 2014 / 17:56 pm
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For sale is a rebuilt and re-skinned, fully tested, and perfectly working Polaroid SX70 Land Camera. Essentially it’s a Model 1, though some parts from a Model 2 were used in the rebuild.

The rebuild (literally it was completely broken down into its component parts, each of which was then cleaned, repaired, or replaced) was completed by Matt Widmann of 2NDShotSX70Service (

The camera is in excellent condition.

There are two small, faint markings on the skin, but they are hardly visible.

The body (as opposed to the skin) is entirely flawless with no scratches, marks, or blemishes of any kind.

The lens is flawless, with no scratches, marks, discolorations, or blemishes of any kind.

The rollers are clean and smooth.

The bellows are supple and light-tight.

The camera itself works perfectly, and it is a gorgeous combination of silver and black that is somewhat rare.

A sample photograph taken with this camera is included with the photographs. This photo was lit using only ambient and candle light in a dark bar. Note the detail on the intended area of focus (the words on the lower half of the bottle in the photo). This is an impeccable photograph. The level of detail, the clarity, the colors, this is truly a perfectly functioning SX70. It is almost magical.

A bit about me, I am a professional photographer and an avid Polaroid enthusiast. I own at least a dozen Polaroid cameras and shoot with them often. I don’t want to sell this camera, but I have too many and I think it should be owned by someone who will love it and use it more often than I do.

For those who are not familiar with Polaroid cameras, please understand that they are vintage, analog cameras, and even when rebuilt and used with new Impossible Project film, results may be inconsistent. They will become more consistent as you become more familiar with the camera and the film, and how light and temperature impact outcome. But, this inconsistent nature is also the beauty of shooting with Polaroid cameras. You can also explore emulsion lifting, film manipulation, and other alternative techniques. It’s really all very wonderful and fun, and I’ve found that’s very much fun to use them with children, who seem to be intrigued and very interested.

I am asking US$450 for this camera. This price is competitive, and in fact even lower than, similarly rebuilt cameras. In addition, I will consider any reasonable offer even if it does not match the asking price.

Please note that this price does not include shipping. I will quote a shipping price based on the location of the buyer.

I accept PayPal only. I ship within one business day after receipt of payment by PayPal.

Please do feel free to ask any questions at all, I’ll be more than happy to answer them. And of course additional photographs are available on request. And forgive me, I am new to the forum (although I have been following on Facebook for quite some time), and I am new to uploading photographs in this way. I would be happy to send larger photographs of the camera to anyone who is interested.

This is a magical SX70. I would be sad to part with it, but I have others and I want this camera to be used by someone who will love using it. It takes photographs of impeccable quality, some of the best that I have seen from any Polaroid camera.

Thank you very much for looking, and have a wonderful day!!

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Publié : lun. 08 septembre 2014 / 19:27 pm
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again, sorry for posting this prior to introducing myself

and sorry if the price seems high, but it is a magical sx70 and i would consider any reasonable offer

thank you again