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Is there something wrong with my Impulse AF?

Publié : dim. 08 mai 2016 / 19:13 pm
par xerxes931
Hi. Yesterday I noticed something odd in my Polaroid Impulse AF lens. When I looked close, I could see that there is a black curve behind the outer lens. As I looked at it from different angles it turned out to be a lens sticking out and partially covering the inner lens. It doesn't affect the photos, all images turn out normally, but I am worried about what it is, if it is broken or it's a normal thing.
Direct link for a better resolution:

Publié : dim. 08 mai 2016 / 20:16 pm
par scaf
Hi !

I think it's not the lens but a part of the shutter.
Nothing to worry about. There is the same thing in my Impulse AF and it works fine.

Publié : dim. 08 mai 2016 / 22:53 pm
par xerxes931
Okay, it's good to know that it is a normal thing, for a moment I was afraid that my camera was broken and I will have to disassemble it.
Thank you very much for your help! :)

Publié : mar. 10 mai 2016 / 22:47 pm
par Meaulne
don't be worried about that .. in my memories , it's just the border of one lens, belongings to the "quintic lens system" .. a kind of rotating plate with many lens that turns to fit with according distance to focus right on the selectionned target ... PEp30.html