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660 Transparent turned yellow

Publié : mer. 13 août 2014 / 20:39 pm
par sander
I have a transparent 660 (promo for photoshops to show customers how the mechanism works) from which the plastic turned yellow from aging and sunlight. Is there a way to get it crystal clear again?

Publié : mer. 13 août 2014 / 21:05 pm
par CCWH
I think: no... :-(

Publié : mer. 13 août 2014 / 21:41 pm
par scaf
I read once a trick for bleaching computer cases (typically : amiga).
They used dihydrogen peroxyde, IIRC.

But computer cases aren't transparent : their yellowing is on the surface only.
On a transparent case, the yellowing can be inside the plastic, too.

Publié : mer. 13 août 2014 / 23:05 pm
par Fabrice_K*
It's the problem of PMMA or PC with the sunlight or UV... It's the same thing for the front vehicle projector... Bad plastic without UV protector...

And it's no reversible problem...