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Thank you Doc Video!

Publié : ven. 05 juillet 2013 / 21:12 pm
par Lulux
Hi all,

as officially announced by now, Florian Kaps, known as doc, will leave the Impossible Project.

A few years back, he founded the company and saved the world of instant photography. As a thank you for giving us new films and hope, we’d like to thank him. That’s why i’m trying to get instant fans around the world together because it’s time to say goodbye...

If you wanna be a part of it, please, support and make a video with your iPhone, webcam or video camera and tell us and him why you are thankful.

You can also shoot a short video of your camera collection or your best polaroids. everything creative about the impossible project is possible!

We will cut all videos together and present it to him!

send in your videos over a dropbox link or any server we can download it to :

Please note that for editing the video on time the deadline is sunday, 7th July!

We are counting on you! Please support us to give him a proper thank you and goodbye.

Lucile, spreading the idea of Julius from Vienna :bisous: