Polaroid In Waltham Mass. Demolished

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Polaroid In Waltham Mass. Demolished

Postby JFB » Wed 29 August 2012 / 03:11 am

The Polaroid Plant in Waltham Mass. where my father worked for so many years was demolished this past summer. Only one building remains. Polaroid opened it up once a year for a family day; I remember touring the plant and the labs many times-I wish now I'd paid more attention!!!!
Here's a blog with some photos and info on the demolition: http://blogs.wickedlocal.com/brandnewwatch/2012/06/07/demolition-of-former-polaroid-buildings-in-waltham-starts-up-again/#axzz24qt5a411

John B.

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Postby bimo » Wed 29 August 2012 / 09:10 am

I've just discovered your introduction to the forum, and learned your father has been working there for 39 years!


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Postby Spectracular » Wed 29 August 2012 / 09:19 am

Thank you for sharing this experience you had there with us.


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